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Oriental Tanks provides a complete logistics service for getting your product from point A to point B, whether they are door/door, pier/pier, domestic or international, we provide all necessary components to ensure a safe, high quality, and efficient multi-modal transport (truck/train/ship) of your bulk liquid cargo.


R&D and tailor-made tanks

Liquids come in many forms and it is critical to utilise the right type of containers for the right type of liquid to achieve safe, effective, and efficient results in transporting liquid cargo. 


We stand apart in the industry by incorporating R&D, constantly innovating new products and services to bring benefits for our customers and the industry as a whole, promoting product safety, operation efficiency, and environmental sustainability.  

Examples of cargo that requires tailor-made tanks: ​
  • Acidic/Corrosive

  • Flammable (e.g. petroleum)

  • Hygiene/Temperature sensitive cargo

  • Viscous

  • Volatile 

  • Liquified gasses

  • Food Grade

  • Powder 

Some of our ongoing R/D projects:

  • Patented steam cleaning equipment for ISO tanks

  • Refrigerated tanks with complete CIP systems

  • Electrically heated tanks 

  • Tanks with built in agitator system

  • Extra large capacity tanks

  • Ultra high performance insulation tanks

  • Shell polishing technology 

  • Powder tanks

  • Special lining tanks & Gas tanks

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